Republic of Québec

=Republic of Québec
=ImageFlag - Republic of Quebéc.jpg= Socialist Republic
= 11,325,000
=Québec City
=President of Québec Claude Aimé
=219,8 billion
=Québec New Franc (f) = 0.5 Nuyen (¥) (Nuyen also accepted)
= 1,730,000 km2}}
'''Québec''', officially the '''Republic of Québec''' (French '''République du Québec''') is a country in eastern North America, between Hudson Bay and St Lawrence River (French ''St-Laurent''). It is traditionally an isolationist nation known for its French-speaking (or Francophone) population and association with the AAA megacorporation Cross Applied Technologies. Post-2062, the Republic of Québec opened its borders to wider trade, immigration, and tourism. While for a lengthy time the official and only legal language was French (almost since the nation's inception in 2010), English is now undergoing a trial period as a legal business language.

It shares land borders with UCAS and the Algonkian-Manitou Council. The capital is Québec City.

==Vital Statistics==
As of 2062
* Population 10,467,000
** Human 78%
** Elf 10%
** Dwarf 5%
** Ork 6%
** Troll 1%
* Estimated SINless 18%
* Below Poverty Level 36%
* Corporate Affiliation 29%
* Education Level
** Less than Twelve Years; 20%
** High School 45%
** College 28%
** Advanced 7%
* Major languages French (77%), English (42%)

== History ==
2010 - October 31, Québec secedes from Canada.{{src}} p.102
2011 - February 7, French becomes the only legal business language, and the official language of Québec.
2011 - May 3, the Vieux Québec Riot burns down the Latin Quarter.
2014 - January 27, Treaty of Kahnawake passed to preempt Amerindian dissidence.
2017 - December 11, Québec invites the Maritime Canadian provinces to join Québec. Only Labrador agrees to this.
2018 - April 1, Republic of Québec abstains from the Treaty of Denver, confident that their close ties with Native Americans would protect it from reprisals (and this proved to be correct).
2021 - April 30, Goblinization occurs, and Québec is quick to extend full rights to all Francophone metahumans. Anglophone metahumans are left out.
2021 - May 1, Harmful Paranimals Act passed.
2040 - March 6, Chemical attack in Trois-Rivières.
2053 - June 28, Cross Applied Technologies achieves AA extraterritorial megacorp status.
2060 - April 15, CATCo acquires AAA status.
2061 - January 1, Démocrates Mondains becomes the dominant party, after almost 50 years of rule from the pro-Francophone Parti Québécois.
2061 - September 19, the Harmful Paranimals Act is amended to recognize the legal status of SURGE'd victims, added SURGE'd species to the bounty list, and removed dragons from the list.
2062 - March 1, Republic borders open wider to tourism, trade, and immigrants, under the "Le réveil de l'ours" (Awakening of the Bear) movement in the government.
2062 - July 1, English enters a trial period as a legal business language.
==Geography== Québec occupies the Canadian Shield, or the Ungava Region, a vast and sparsely populated region filled with coniferous forests, lakes, and rivers. It is bordered by James Bay, Ontario and Hudson Bay to the west, Atlantic Canada to the east, the UCAS to the south, and the Arctic Ocean to the north. Major waterways include the La Grande River and Saint Lawrence River. Major mountain ranges include the Laurentians and the northern extent of the Appalachian Mountains. The Gaspé Peninsula juts into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence to the East. The Saint Lawrence River Valley is a fertile agricultural region, leading in the production of maple sugar (Quebec is the world's largest producer), as well as other produce and livestock. ==Politics== Québec is a Socialist Republic. Legislative powers are held by the National Assembly of Québec, which consists of 125 seats. The President of Québec is elected every six years by the people. The Québec Unité is a group which wants to join Québec with the UCAS.{{src}} p.88 ===Legal system=== Québec's legal system in general is based on the Napoleonic Code. One wrinkle in the Code makes judges an active participant in trials, as the person responsible for bringing out all the relevant facts. The relationship between the prosecution and the defense are cooperative, in that all parties (judge, prosecution, defense) are charged with bringing the correct evidence to light. All trials are done in French. Québec's laws are often described as "schizoid", in that there are many contradictory texts and exception clauses throughout the legal code. For example, Smartlinked weapons are legal as long as they do not have full autofire, but Smart goggles and Smartgun adapters are illegal.{{src}} p.67 ===Military=== Military contracts with Mitsuhama for drones.{{src}} p.60 ==Economy== By law, business must be conducted in French.{{src}} p.55 ===Corporate Presence=== *Cross Applied Technologies was the major megacorporation in Québec (HQ Montréal) {{src}} p.59{{src}} p.51-57
*Of the AAA-megacorps, only Shiawase and Wuxing do not have an EZ presence in Québec.{{src}} p.108 Québec signed the Business Recognition Accords. Extraterritoriality can be applied within the limits of "Enterprise Zones" set by the government and leased to megacorporations. There are currently 12 Enterprise Zones in Québec City and 18 in Montréal (and none elsewhere in Québec). Currently, the following corporations have holdings in Québec * Ares * Aztechnology * Cross Applied Technologies owns two EZs * Mitsuhama * Monobe * Novatech * Renraku * Saeder-Krupp * Yamatetsu * Yokogawa-Honeywell ==Crime== ===Law enforcement=== Gendarmerie Local arm of Lone Star.{{src}} p.56 ===Smuggling=== The Igloo smuggling route starts in Québec.{{src}} p.82 ==References== ''This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun.'' === Semi-Official sources === The novel ''Run Hard, Die Fast'' contains some action in Québec. It includes the following observations * "Speaking English in Québec City is not a good idea." (pg 140) * Doesn't recognize sentient paranormal critters and wanted trolls put on bounty lists. (pg 141) * Good work for bounty hunters. (pg 141) * Contains extraterritorial Enterprise Zones for (at least) MCT, Aztechnology, Fuchi, Yokogawa-Honeywell, and Yamaha. (pg 143) ==Index== *{{src}}, 43 *{{src}}, 64-69 *{{srcx}} {{src}}, 100-112 *{{srcx}} {{src}} ==External Links== *The city of North Bay is detailed in the locations section of the ''http// Neoanarchists' Guide To Everything Else'', pp 30-35. deRépublique de Québec frRépublique de Québec CategoryCountries CategoryCountries of North America CategoryQuébec