Renraku Arcology

The '''Renraku Arcology''' — formerly known as the '''Self-Contained Industrial-Residential Environment (SCIRE)''', and now known as '''Arcology Commercial and Housing Enclave (ACHE)''' — was (and possibly still is) the ninth largest building in the world, and is a major landmark in modern Seattle.

Originally was home to over 90,000 Renraku employees and family members. The SCIRE served as a shopping mall, industrial complex, and basically self-contained private city of Renraku within the Seattle Metroplex. In the aftermath of the events known as Arcology Shutdown (2059-2061), the building was turned over to Seattle government, and turned into a massive public housing project.

'''SCIRE''', an acronym for Self-Contained Industrial-Residential Environment, was the official name of the Renraku Arcology''' in Seattle. It was the ninth largest building in the world and is home to more than 90,000 Renraku employees and family members. The SCIRE served as a shopping mall and industrial complex, and basically functioned as a self-contained city within the Seattle Metroplex.'''

The SCIRE also refered to the Renraku Arcology Matrix host. The events indicated during the "Shutdown" indicate that the heart of the SCIRE host was one of the rare Ultraviolet hosts.

All this changed on December 19, 2059, when an unknown party took over and locked down the SCIRE, trapping more than 100,000 residents, visitors and Christmas shoppers within. This party later turned out to be the Artificial Intelligence known as Deus, who locked down the arcology and repelled both Renraku and UCAS Joint Task Force-Seattle while pursuing some unknown agenda. The Arcology was reclaimed in May of 2061, but not before the imprisoned residents were subjected to bizarre and horrific experiments. The vast majority of the thousands within the SCIRE perished before the reclamation; the number of survivors has been reported to be as low as 1,600.

Deus originated in the Arcology's Ultraviolet matrix host—one of the few in the world at the time—also referred to as the SCIRE. Deus was able to create technomancers of limited power known as Otaku, years before they appeared in the general population.

After the Arcology was reclaimed Renraku and the UCAS government argued about who would pay for all the costs incurred. Once the UCAS government determined that Renraku would not make adequate recompense, the megacorp was kicked out and control over the Arcology was turned over to the Seattle Metroplex Government.

SCIRE became '''ACHE''' - '''A'''rcology '''C'''ommercial and '''H'''ousing '''E'''nclave. The five-floor mall has been reopened to the public. The underground levels which house the Arcology's fusion reactors remain under the control of the UCAS military, while the highest floors remain sealed off. The 200 floors above the mall have become a massive public housing project, home to 150,000 residents on welfare as what some have described as a "voluntary inmates of a gigantic self-contained low-security prison".


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The Renraku Arcology in transparent tan. On the left is the 2050's era shoreline in transparent gray. note that the large shipping yard south of the Arcology's location was apparently not there in real life in the 1980s when the game's creators drew the Shadowrun era docks.

The light gray stripes on the north, east, and south of the Arcology are the roads along those sides of the building.
* South King Street on the southern edge.
* 4th Avenue South on the eastern edge.
* Renraku Avenue (a new street) on the northern edge.