Regulus Joint Industries

'''Regulus Joint Industries''', currently headquartered in the Angel Towers Arcology, London, UK, is the merger of British Industrial and Royal Dutch Joint Enterprises. Major shareholders include HKB and Index-Axa. Regulus is building new corporate headquarters in the Europort, the United Netherlands. Regulus main business are industrial manufacturing, consumer goods, transportation and distribution.{{src}} ?

In Hamburg/AGS in the beginning 2070s Regulus Joint Industries is involved in the "Hamburg Hafen Management Center", a corporation which owns and/or controls the complete freeport of Hamburg. It also has a subsidiary, called «Regulus Transport Services», which cooperates with Wuxing's «World Wide Shipping» in a joint venture to build an new, arcology-like Quai in the freeport area of Hamburg.Schattenstädte ?


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