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'''Rat’s Nest''' (officially, the ''North Seattle Garbage Center'' in the 2050s, the ''North Seattle Refuse Center'' in the 2060s, and the ''North Seattle Refuse and Reclamation Center'' in the 2070s) is a huge, open air garbage dump, located to the north of the Snoqualme River and bordering the Salish-Shidhe Council lands.

The Council often complains about the garbage center leaking pollutants into the Council lands.

It is an unofficial home to a community of thousands squatters, known as trash rats or ''gomi-nezumi'' to the local Yakuza. The name of this neighborhood comes from the group of Rat shamans who are prominent among the local squatters.

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*http//www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/ratsnest/wikis/rats-nest Unofficial fan made online supplement for the location
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