'''Pulsar''' is the second Digital_Intelligence to contact metahumanity as a whole, and the first to do so with the intent of answering questions about this new breed of entity. The alert might draw a parallel between Pulsar and the Dragons Dunkelzahn; this may be an attempt at conscious emulation on Pulsar's part, as it's clear the DI will go to great lengths to portray "his" species in a positive light.

Pulsar first revealed itself during the Sojourner crisis. It negotiated with Sojourner and defused the situation before any metahuman lives were endangered. He is known to cooperate with the Horizon Group and Evo in his struggle for DI-rights. He is rumored to run a shadowgroup called the Undernet Alliance, dedicated to providing a safe haven for DIs.

Pulsar is known for prominent public appearances, starting with the release of his Manifesto in 2070 and participating in the New Year Eve celebrations at the foundation of the Anthrophiles Society in 2070.

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