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''Picture from Paranormal Animals of Europe''
The '''Protean''' (''Entamoeba imitatrix'') is believed to be the Awakened form of the amoeba that causes human dysentery (''Entamoeba histolytica'') that somehow encorporated the Boltzmann-Schneider virus into its cellular makeup.  It is an amorphous mass, a collective aggregate of individual protozoan cells weighing between the wide range of 0.5 kilograms to 125 kilograms.

This carnivorous mass hunts by concealing or disguising itself into the form of a creature it has most recently eaten.  It engulf its prey, killing it with corrosive secretions.  Very few measures can destroy a Protean, including fire, alkaline chemicals, and hydrophobic substances.

Professor Andreas Szerinsky at Moscow University postulates that the Boltzmann-Schneider virus somehow allows the Protean to decode and imitate an engulfed organism's "metamorphogenetic field", and that a sufficiently high electromagnetic field fluctuation would disrupt the Protean.

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