A '''president''' is one of the highest ranking positions in an executive hierarchy.

President is the title of the head of state in a number of countries

* President of the United States
** President of the UCAS
** President of the CAS

* Amazonia

* Austria

* Caribbean League
** Maria Fransisca is ''La Presidenta'' of Borinquen (Puerto  Rico)

* Dominican Republic
** Joaquim Delmonte in 2021

* Egypt
** Baruti Elgabri in 2072

* France
** Yohann de Kervelec in 2071

* Allied German States
** Dr. Robert Kortmann elected in 2046

* Ireland / Tír na nÓg
** McCarthy in 2034
** Liam O’Connor 2035–2043

* Kenya
** Richard Wangai elected in 2068

* Manchuria
** Shen Yao-Xiang elected in 2028

* Mexico / Aztlan
** Miguel Ávila in 2004
** Francisco Pavón y Guetterrez del Córdoba 2015–2033
** Flavia de la Rosa 2053–2064
** Enrico Silva 2064–Present

* Philippines
** Rufino Mendoza elected in 2070

* Poland

* South Korea
** Dae-Jung Rhee in 2005

* Quebec

* Russia
** Nikolai Chelenko pre-2009–2016
** Office abolished by 2026

In a corporation, the president is the second highest ranking officer (corporate), after the Chairman of the Board. They are elected by the Board of Directors to apply their orders with overall authority over the corporation. Thus, they are the only person able to act individually (unlike the Board members who must have a quorum) over all the corporation (unlike CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, CIO and managers, who only runs a given domain or branch). It is common to have the same person acting as President and Chief Executive Officer. The President could also be a Director, if not the Chairman of the Board.

In some countries like France, a corporate President is always the CEO as well (note that in French, the Chairman of the Board is titled ''"Président"'', the President/CEO is the ''"Directeur Général"'')

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