President of the CAS

The '''President of the CAS''' is the head of state of the Confederation of American States. He is also the chief executive of the government and the commander in chief of the armed forces.

The office is based on the wikipediaPresident of the United States's, or under a certain point of view, the wikipediaPresident of the Confederate States's, itself based on the former as it was defined in 1861. Still, the CAS Presidency follows some rules implemented in the US between 1865 and 2030, like the limit of terms (lifted in the US in 2023 by the XXIXth Amendment and not reinstated in the UCAS Constitution in 2030).

Like in the US and the UCAS, the Presidential Election is held on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November, every four years, for the president to be sworn into office on Inauguration Day on 20 January. UCAS and CAS are thus perfectly synchronized. Unlike the UCAS, the CAS still elect their President through an Electoral College, each states electing a number of electors equal to their number of senators and representatives.

The President of the CAS official residence and workplace is Manor House, on the top of Stone Mountain, in Freepark, in the district of Decatur in Atlanta, Georgia.

==List of Presidents of the Confederation of American States==
! !! Name !! Took Office !! Left Office !! Party !! Notes !! Vice President
=centerSean Timbs ? ? , elected in 2036 ?
=centerJoseph Alexander ? Jeanette Malory then Timothy Newstrom
=centerTimothy Newstrom Newstrom ? Gabriel McCoy
=centerEdna Wallace ?  =centerOliver Jackson ? {{src}} p.19 McCabe was VP in 2057
=centerIvory McCabe {{src}} ? McCabe was the incumbent president in 2060 Southern Democrat ?
=centerCheryl Cundiff Republican Brad Williams

Reformed Democrat
=centerAaron Franklin New Nationalist . 2065 ? =centerRamsay McMalkin ''Incumbent'' Technocrat ? |} ==References== {{Sixth World Wiki}} ==Index== *{{src}} *{{src}} *{{src}}, 19 *{{src}} CategoryCAS