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A multitude of different races populate The Sixth World collectively known as metahumanity. {="width100%; backgroundnone;" ="width50%; border-right1px dotted ;vertical-aligntop;"'''Dwarves'''
Metavariants of ''Homo sapiens pumilionis'' (dwarves) include * Gnomes Central European Dwarf * Harumen Dwarven variant from India with monkey-like appearance * Koborokuru Japanese Dwarven variant * Menehune Hawaiʻi{{okina}}ian Dwarf * Querx Variant from Saxony in the Allied German States '''Elves'''
Metavariants of ''Homo sapiens nobilis'' (elves) include * Dalakiton elf variant from the Philippines * Dryads All-female variant of the Elven species * Night Ones European Elf noted for fine dark-coloured fur * Wakyambi Dark-skinned Elves of Africa * Xapiri Thëpë Elf variant with green spots (chlorophyl) on their skin, native to Amazonia
|} {="width100%; backgroundnone;" ="width50%; border-right1px dotted ;vertical-aligntop;"'''Trolls'''
Metavariants of ''Homo sapiens ingentis'' (trolls) include * Cyclops one-eyed Mediterranean troll * Fomori Tír na nÓg troll * Giants Nordic troll * Minotaurs rare Mediterranean troll '''Orks'''
Metavariants of ''Homo sapiens robustus'' (orks) include * Hobgoblins Middle Eastern Ork variant * Ogres European Ork sub-group * Oni Japanese Ork * Satyr Mediterranean Ork
|} {="width100%; backgroundnone;" ="width50%; border-right1px dotted ;vertical-aligntop;"'''Humans'''
Metavariants of ''Homo sapiens sapiens'' (humans) include * Nartaki '''Other'''
Races not otherwise counted among the other five include * Metahumans
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Shadowrun corporations in the 21st century are massively global, with all but the smallest corps owning multiple subsidiaries and divisions around the world. They are the superpowers of the Shadowrun universe, with the largest corporations having far more political, economic, and military power than even the most powerful nation-states. {="width100%; backgroundnone;" ="width50%; border-right1px dotted ;vertical-aligntop;"* Ares Macrotechnology * Aztechnology * Evo Corporation * Horizon * Mitsuhama Computer Technologies * NeoNET * Renraku Computer Systems * Saeder-Krupp * Shiawase Corporation * Wuxing, Inc. |}