A '''policlub''' is the Sixth World term for special interest groups, what in the late Fifth World would be called a social movement organization and political parties. In other words, it is an organization of people with similar political beliefs and goals, which exerts various means influence in politics, economy and society. The word originates from the controversial but famous Humanis Policlub.

This variety of lobbying is extremely popular and the policlubs of the mid to late 21st century have a wide reach. Many policlubs exist; some have international influence while others are small and local. Organizations named policlubs range from political parties (Green Party to criminal groups such as Alamos 20,000 and the Ancients, an elvish gang.

Some of the most famous (or notorious) policlubs are quite racist, advocating the dominance of (or at least lobbying for interests of) a single race.

Not all policlubs have the word "policlub" in their name.

==List of policlubs==
* Alamos 20,000
* Alliance for Allah
* Astral Space Preservation Society
* Council to Rebuild America
* Empowerment Coalition
* Ghoul Liberation League
* Humanis Policlub
* Magical Reform Society
* Mother Earth Policlub
* Mothers of Metahumans
* Nationale Aktion
* Ork Rights Committee
* People for the Ethical Treatment of the Awakened
* Sons of Sauron
* Stonecutters Guild
* Universal Brotherhood
* Young Elven Technologists

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