A '''Pixie''' (fairies) is a diminutive humanoid that resembles a half-meter tall elf with large, iridescent dragonfly-like wings emerging from their back (one meter wingspan).

Still very rare, the few known populations are in
* Brocéliande Forest (Brittany, France) the only nation to issue regular System Identification Number to pixies
* United  Kingdom
* Tír na nÓg
* Portland, Tír Tairngire, which has issued criminal SINs to pixies
* Ukraine
* Duchy of Pomoyra
* Black Forest Troll Kingdom

NeoNET and Evo Corporation are the only AAA megacorporations to have pixie corporate citizens.

In addition to local languages and Gaelic languages, many pixies speak ''Upvehu'' a language isolate, that some linguists believe dates to the fourth world (like Sperethiel and Or'zet)

Pixies likely represent the return of ''Windlings'' (Fourth World name) to the Sixth World.

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