'''Pistons''' is a female Combat Hacker and founding member of the Jackpoint P2P-network.

Pistons was a longtime girl-friend of the female Ork Runner veteran "Fatima", who's death during the Tempo Drug War in 2071 led her to a bitter enimity towards the Komun'go Ring, the First Nation gang and their allies. She also has an ongoing feud with the street mage "Haze", which she heavily criticized for his drug abuse and his behaviour when he was hooked on Tempo. She was hired to investigate him by the family of a young woman that he manipulated and used as part of a run, but who became collateral damage in the fallout. Since then, their relationship has gotten increasingly hostile, and has drawn in Kay St. Irregular because he is a close personal friend (and possibly more) with Pistons. Later "Haze" unsuccessfully sought to have Pistons killed, and now has to fear retaliation from Pistons, Kay, or both.

On the other hand, Pistons is a trusted friend of the female Elf Technomancer "Netcat". She watched her meat body, when "Netcat" went on a virtual quest for the resonance realms and later she accompanied her on her search for the disappeared Ex-Deus-Otaku "Puck". This journey led the two women to GeMiTo in the Italian Confederation, where they met a local tribe of technomancers, called "Capotreni", and later even to Afghanistan, on the home turf of the Kabul Maffiya. Later she accompanied Netcat to London. Another friend - and protegé - of hers is the very young elven girl runner dev grrl|/dev/grrl.

Pistons has a sister, Bette, who was deeply in debt to a loan shark named Señor Rohas. She did a hard matrix run at his request (without getting payed for it), to get her sister and her two young children free of him.

She is known for doing long and hard matrix runs, sometimes being in VR for as long as three days without a break. She also does a lot of programming, and was responsible for the creation of the infamous "Home wrecker suite", a highly illegal package of hacking utilities and programms.

Since the WiFi revolution led to the merger of the jobs of riggers and hackers, she also rigs military vehicles and T-Birds herself. As of 5th Edition this is no longer possible without the appropriate Cyberware.

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