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=Phoenix (city), PCC
=Jeremy Newburg-Rinn
Phoenix Biotechnologies, headquartered in Phoenix, PCC, is a biotechnology research corporation.

== Principal Shareholders ==

== Major Divisions ==

=== Subsidiaries ===

== History ==
Phoenix Biotechnologies received a bequest from Dunkelzahn's Will
"To Phoenix Biotechnologies, 20 million nuyen for use in your research into the behavioral differences between males and females."

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''He was also the recipient of "Wyrmstooth", a dagger in Dunkelzahn's will.''

But the Dunkelzahn's Will says
''To Carla Brooks, my skilled security advisor and aide, I leave the dagger Wyrmstooth along with the sum of 5 million nuyen. I hope you will continue to serve my estate as well as you served me.''

Did something happen in a novel or book where this changed hands? If so, that part should be clarified in the article. If not, the article should be corrected. --UserOboreruhito 0026, 2 August 2009 (EDT)