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'''The Philippines islands''' are a contested island nation consisting of an archipelago of 7,107 islands, lying in the tropical western Pacific Ocean about 100 kilometers southeast of mainland Asia. The Japanese Imperial State and an umbrella group of nationalists, environmentalists, and neo-anarchists called the Huk, lead by the young Eastern Dragon Masaru, have been vying for control of the island since the JIS landed six divisions of Imperial Marines and officially took control of the government on April 28, 2021. As a result, the Philippines islands are known by two names, the '''Prefecture of the Philippine Islands''' (比島�?�, ''hitou-do'') by the JIS, who runs the island chain as circuit prefecture of Japan, while the Huk use the pre-occupation name of '''Republika ng Pilipinas'''. In 2072, Philippines became independent again under the Huk-government.

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Imperial Japanese troops stationed until the death of Emperor Kenichi (yotc. 106). ==Index== *{{src}}, 27 *{{src}} *{{src}} *{{srcx}} {{src!}}, 54-86 *{{src}}, 23, 82 *{{src}}, 78 *{{srcx}} {{src}} *{{src}}, 24, 28 *{{src}}, 24, 27, 32 *{{srcx}} {{src}} *{{src}} *{{src}} *{{src}}, 126-130 ==External links== *WikipediaPhilippines CategoryCountries CategoryCountries of South Pacific dePhilippinen frPhilippines
Should the Philippines be listed as its own entity in Geopolitical World or as part of the JIS?  It sounds somewhat separate from JIS, not quite a part of it.
--UserMshieh 0436, 20 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

According to Wordman

Imperial Japanese troops stationed until the death of Emperor Kenichi (yotc. 106).

But the description says that the Philippines are still contested, and doesn't quite make sense.  It should be made consistent at some point.

--UserMshieh 2008, 21 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

The Imperial Marines left, the Imperial government and the Japanacorps didn't. At the end of YoTC, the Huk are in full rebellion, but the Shadowtalk mentions the JIS and Japanacorps have contingency plans and will eventually bounce back. And SOTA2063 mentions that the Philippines have become a hot spot for mercenary action.--UserYoungFreud 0008, 22 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)
What's the source for Monobe membership ? AFAIK the only named japanese corp part of the PPG is Pacific Rim Communications Unlimited (you can eventually count Yamatetsu, and Shibata, who are headquartered out of Japan, but had an history with the country). --UserNath 0533, 20 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Monobe comes from TWL, when it talks about Yamatetsu leasing out pod space and support to fellow PPG members, which the named ones are Kwonsham, Monobe, and Tan Tien (Wuxing is the mentioned seperately in Shadowtalk as another PPG member leasing from Yamatetsu). Monobe is said to have pissed off Yamatetsu when they moved to Russia by grabbing some of their Japanese assets, which Yamatetsu retailated by overcharging them and giving them the least desirable workstations in their orbit.--UserYoungFreud 1023, 20 Sep 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)