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'''Perianwyr''' is a Western Dragon who manages the Weekday Eclipse, a music club in Denver. He was given Dunkelzahn’s extensive music collection as a bequest in Dunkelzahn's Will, and apparently loves music of all kinds. He has a knack for finding new Music Industry, and talent agents often book groups that perform at the Weekday Eclipse.

Perianwyr came to prominence when he attended Maria Mercurial's concert at the Weekday Eclipse in June 2063, became entranced by the music, and passed out on the floor, promptly changing back into his dragon form. The owner, Gahbardi, would not attempt to force Perianwyr out and let him sleep it off. Upon awakening, Perianwyr changed back to his metahuman form and offered to partner with Gahbardi to make Weekday Eclipse the hottest club in Denver.

Perianwyr's past is considerably shadier than that of a simple music lover. He was once part of the best assassin team in the world, partnered up with a former Aztechnology hitman named Kyle Morgan. As a teenager, Morgan saved Perianwyr's life as he was Awakening, and they became friends, sharing some sort of empathic link (or maybe more, because Perianwyr used a female human form as well, as a male). It is rumored that Morgan was killed in a plane crash, his past finally catching up to him, leaving Perianwyr to his own devices.

3rd Edition Stats http// Games Unplugged from May 2003
 B 15/8
 Q 7 (x3)
 S 40
 C 6
 I 6
 W 8
 E 8
 M 12
 R 6
 INIT 6+2D6 Astral INIT 30+2D6
 Pools Astral 4, Astral Combat 10, Combat 10, Spell 8
 Attacks 14D, +2 Reach
 Karma Pool/Professional Rating 12/4
 Active Skills Aura Reading 5, Conjuring 4, Divining 6, Etiquette 4, Gaelic 6, Intimidation 5, Latin 5, Negotiation 6, Sorcery 8, Stealth 6, Unarmed Combat 4, Welsh 4
 Knowledge Skills Booze 4, Cutting Edge Bands 6, Denver Clubs 4, Music Industry 5, Prediction 6, Rock n Roll History 8
 Powers Animal Control (Reptiles), Astral Armor, Dragonspeech, Enhanced Senses (Enhanced Smell, Wide-Band hearing, Low-Light Vision, Thermographic Vision), Hardened Armor, Innate Spell (Flamethrower), Magical Skills
 Spells Detect Life 10, Detox 8, Entertainment 8, Heal 10, Invisibilty 6, Magic Fingers 6, Mana Bolt 9, Mind Probe 6, Mob Mood 6, Shapechange 10, Sleep 8
 Metamagic (Initiate grade 4) Cleansing, Divining, Masking, Shielding

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