Patrick Finnigan

''Don'' '''Patrick Finnigan''' was the leader of the Finnigan Family and became ''Capo'' of Seattle's Mafia for a short period in the 2020s.

He was stripped off his position by the ''Commissione'', which installed ''Don'' Brian O'Malley"Three Fingers" O'Malley as ''Don'' of the Finnigans and O'Malleys to lead the Mafia of Seattle in the escalating war with the Yakuza. After the Dead of ''Don'' Brian O'Malley and the ''Oyabun'' of the Yakuza in one night in 2030 he couldn't make a comeback because the ''Comissione'' installed James O'Malley"The Hammer" O'Malley - the brother of the murdered Brian - as new ''Capo'', to build up the Mob's Seattle Operations in a more effective way.

He had a Son - James Michael Finnigan"Jimmy Mac" Finnigan - who is acting as the ''Mafioso'' in charge under ''Capa'' Rowena O'Malley in the 2070s. Also there is the 93 years old Mary Finnigan - grand aunt of "Jimmy Mac" and a relative of the former ''Don'' Patrick - who still works behind the scenes to make her grand nephew ''Capo'' of Seattle.

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