=Military dictatorship
Leader General Jehangir
Punjabi (50%)
Sindi (15%)
Pashtun (15%)
Mohajir (8%)
Other (12%)
Urdu (80%)
Punjabi (50%)
Sindi (20%)
Sunni (77%)
Shi'ite (20%)
Hindu (2%)
Christian (1%)
=Nuyen (¥)
=No medical response information available.

In 2030, Pakistan forces exceeded their orders in aiding Kashmir insurgents. India, in response launched a tactical nuclear strike against those Pakistani forces. Pakistan then launched four nuclear weapons into the Kashmir. Two explode on the launchpad, but the other two strike Kashmir. The Corporate Court and the UN manage to dissuade India and Pakistan from escalating. A Corporate Court covert operation then removed Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, discrediting the civilian government. A number of toppled elected governments and coups occurred, with the end result of a military junta led by General Jehangir now ruling Pakistan. Jehangir nationalized Pakistani companies, and signed the Business Recognition Accords, in order to attract foreign investment. Multinational corporations, for the most part, did not respond. The western provinces rebelled, which Jehangir was unsuccessful in putting down. The ineffective response caused other warlords to fight over the western provinces. 

A nuclear exchange with India some time in the 2020s turned most of Kashmir into a wasteland.{{src}} p.15

The military government is supported by organized crime syndicates, such as the Mansur brothers and the Kabul maffiya. They fund the military government in exchange for it allowing drug cultivation and trade.

Pakistan is a nuclear power with development program is notorious for leaks, mainly from corrupt officials selling to terrorists and policlubs.

===Corporate Presence===
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