'''Paco''' was the boyfriend of Coyote Ugly and ally of the Shadowrunner in 2054.

Paco was a street guy who would usually go to Steamstress Union to drink with friends and talk. Being described as a "trouble maker". There he met Coyote Ugly, and started a relationship with her. Caring for her deeply, he tried to protect her from going suicidal at her search for her cousin. 

At 2054, he had a date with Coyote, in which she was late, only to find the Shadowrunner, that explained how Coyote was missing and how he needed help. Tagging along with the Shadowrunner, they found Coyote and saved her. 

After returning to Steamstress Union, Paco and the Shadowrunner started working together, eventually going to the BTL Labs to find Gino, Coyote's cousin, only for him to suicide. After that, he aided the Shadowrunner in several cases against Jessica Watts and other villains alike.

Coyote mentions that she is going to continue destroying BTL business with the aid of Paco.

*Shadowrun Returns

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