'''Overwatch''' is a tribe of otaku brought together in the wake of tragedy. Nearly every member of Overwatch is an otaku whose tribe was destroyed by Deus’s schemes, the madness of Ex Pacis, or corporate exploitation. Brought together under one banner, they try to preserve other otaku from harm and the world in general from the machinations of Matrix threats most people do not understand. Revenge plays no small part in Overwatch’s motivations; they desire to strike back at those who have used them or murdered their kind.
Overwatch originally numbered approximately one hundred and fifty otaku, located around the globe. During their attempts to infiltrate the Renraku Arcology and later in their struggles against the Network, they are reduced to half that number. When Ex Pacis allies itself with Winternight, they are presented with a new enemy they are not prepared for—as the Novatech IPO nears, only a few dozen Overwatch otaku remain. As their numbers fall, though, the remaining Overwatch otaku become more desperate and focused on their goals, making them even more dangerous to their enemies.
In this storyline, Overwatch finds itself fighting a two-front war. On one hand, they become involved with the struggle within the Network as they try to identify nodes and eliminate or free them in a bid to stop Deus’s compilation. On the other hand, a war rages in the sprawls and the Matrix between Overwatch and Ex Pacis, a war they were in a position to win until Pax turned to Winternight for aid. Players involved in either the Network or Ex Pacis are likely to become involved with Overwatch otaku, either as allies or adversaries.
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