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==Short stories==
*{{src/fichp}} by {{Contributor}}
*{{src/ficnbfas}} by {{Contributor}} and {{Contributor}}
*{{src/ficob}} by {{Contributor}}
*{{src/ficref}} by {{Contributor}}
*{{src/ficrt}} by {{Contributor}}

==In sourcebooks==

===Short stories===
**pp.4-7 ''Shadowrunning A to Z'' by {{Contributor}}
**pp.28-29 ''Enemy of the Enemy'' by {{Contributor}}
***? (August 5th, 2017, western Rocky Mountains)
**pp.42-43 ''Going Down'' by {{Contributor}}
**pp.68-71 ''Fortune's Cookie'' by {{Contributor}}
**pp.84-85 ''Year of the Comet'' by {{Contributor}}
***? (July 20th, 2061, Seattle)
**pp.100-101 ''The Queen's Gambit Declined'' by {{Contributor}}
**pp.112-113 ''A Final Farewell'' by {{Contributor}}
**pp.134-135 ''Sun and Sprites'' by {{Contributor}}
**pp.138-139 ''The Wall'' by {{Contributor}}
**pp.160-161 ''Night and Day'' by {{Contributor}}
**pp.198-199 ''The Source of the Amazon'' by {{Contributor}}

===Introductory short fiction===
**pp.6-7 ''Pieces of the Puzzle'' by ?
***conversation between Lofwyr and Jean-Claude Priault about Saeder-Krupp's strategy for the Corporate Court seat sought by Wuxing (August 15th, 2059, Zurich Orbital)
**pp.5-6 ''Shooting Star A Prologue'' by {{Contributor}}
**p.26 ''Wonderful Night A Prologue'' by {{Contributor}}
**p.52 ''Secrets and Lies A Prologue'' by ?
***? (August 18th, 2057, Houston, Texas, CAS)
**p.73 ''Fire From Heaven A Prologue'' by ?

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