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|} '''Outremer''' refers to the islands on the Puget Sound, still under UCAS control, and part of the Seattle Metropolitan Area. They are a steadily growing suburb of Seattle. Major islands include Vashon Island, Bainbridge IslandFox Island, McNeil Island and the Anderson Island. Population of the islands is about 100,000. Some of the smaller islands are nature reservations or private - i.e. corporate - property. Corporations, that are known to own at least one of the Outremer islands are Evo (former Yamatetsu) and Mitsuhama Computer Technologies. The Mitsuhama owned island is rumored to harbour one of MCT's infamous "Zero zones". {{NavBoxSeattle}} ==Index== *{{src}}, 105 *{{src}}, 134-136 deOutremer frOutremer CategorySeattle districts
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