'''Onis''' are a metavariant of Orks.  Oni are the native Ork metavariant of Japan and resemble the demonic appearance of Japanese folklore.  They have red, blue, or orange skin hue, large curving horns, and bulging eyes.  Unlike other metavariants, Onis are the vast majority of Japanese Orks (approximately 75 percent of the Japanese Ork population).  Oni also appear less frequently in other East Asian countries.  Early after the Awakening, Oni were perceived by the Japanese as sneaky, hostile, and evil.  After decades of prejudice, the public perception of Oni has recently turned around due to the popularity of changelings in youth pop culture and the recent promotion of several Oni to Emperor Yasuhito's personal guard.

Onis have an average height of 1.90 meters and average weight of 128 kilograms.according to the ''Runner's Companion'' Metavariant Variations (Average Heights and Weights) table


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