Omega Order

An '''Omega Order''' is a declaration by the Corporate Court authorizing unlimited aggression against one corporation by all other corporations. It serves as a threat to prevent inter-corporate struggles from getting entirely out of hand. 

If any national, non-extraterritorial corporate or extraterritorial entity threatens to dramatically destabilize the global economy, an Omega Order may be issued. An Omega Order authorizes limited nuclear and Thor shot exchanges against the offending entity's assets as part of the grant to corps to pursue the offender's total destruction. The Corporate Court also automatically issues an Omega Order against any corporation which has violated one of the Corporate Court's classified laws. As only AAA_Prime_Megacorporations know the details of those classified laws, it is possible that a smaller corporation might find itself utterly destroyed without ever knowing why.

The Corporate Court has issued at least one Omega Order, when it unanimously approved the use of force against Art Dankwalther in 2064. They came close in 2048 with Aztlan/Aztechnology, in what has come to be known as the Enseñada "incident". Because it was only a limited show of force, Operation RECIPROCITY in 2048 was not an example of an Omega Order, even though it was a military strike by seven of the eight members of the Corporate Court against fellow Court member Aztechnology. (FastJack, however, claims Reciprocity was the result of a 2044 Omega Order in his 2071 download ''A History Lesson for the Reality Impaired.'')

Shadowtalk indicates that in 2042, the Corporate Court issued an Omega Order against an East Jerusalem-based corp named QZE Corporation during the cessation of hostilities initiated by Yamatetsu when it tried to break into the ranks of the Court and its control of the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank.

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==Dankwalther and Veracruz==
“Dankwalther had been taken care of days after the Novatech IPO and Corporate Court Omega Order” ("System Failure", 127).

"Aztlan" has Captain Chaos describing what happened when seven of the Big Eight came close to issuing an Omega Order on Aztechnology as the Enseñada "incident" ("Aztlan", 42) since it was a multi-pronged attack on the military base at Enseñada. Officially it was called Operation RECIPROCITY, and is often referenced as such. It led to the the Veracruz "Settlement" between Aztechnology and the other members of the Corporate Court as of 2048.

== Edit Veracruz Incident ==
Since the words "Enseñada 'incident' " actually appear in ''Aztlan'' and, to my knowledge, Veracruz Incident isn't mentioned anywhere, I changed it to the former.
--UserCrimsondude 0226, 10 August 2007 (EDT)

== 4th Edition Reciprocity was an Omega Order ==
FastJack's history lesson says
"Aztechnology made an extremely poor judgement call when it ordered Aztlan to nationalize all foreign-owned businesses in 2044. This act of economic war prompted the Corporate Court to mandate the very first “Omega Order�?—essentially a green light for every other corp to go after the offender with extreme prejudice. It took a few years for the megacorps to respond to this, but they did so in style in 2048, backed by the Corporate Court, the joint Operation Reciprocity struck Aztechnology’s Ensenada facilities."
--UserOboreruhito 0440, 7 August 2009 (EDT)