'''Obsidiman''' were a race of large, rock-based humanoids. They stood over 7 feet (2.1 m) tall and weighed over 900 pounds (410 kg). Their primary connection was to their Liferock, which was a large formation of stone within four hours of their place of birth. Obsidimen were loyal to the community around their Liferock, and eventually returned to it. Obsidimen lived around 500 years away from their Liferock, and their ultimate lifespan was unknown, as they generally return to it and remain there. Due to their rocky nature and long lives, Obsidimen were rather slow moving and deliberate in both speech and action, and had difficulty understanding the smaller races' need for haste. However, if aroused by a threat to self, friend, or community, Obsidimen were fearsome to behold.

Evo share holder Hideo Yoshida may be an obsidiman.

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