=Boston, UCAS
=Richard Villiers
=Private until 2064 IPO
=Until IPO
Richard Villiers (65%)
Trans-Latvia Enterprises (24%)
Samantha Villiers (7%)
Miles Lanier (3%)
Darren Villiers (1%)
= }} '''Novatech''', headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, UCAS, merged with Transys Neuronet and Erika to form NeoNET after the Matrix Crash 2.0. Before the merger, it was the second largest corporation in the UCAS. Novatech controlled JRJ International, one of the founding members of the Corporate Court. == Principal Shareholders == Novatech was a privately owned and traded corporation until its IPO in 2064. These are the principal shareholders until that time * Richard Villiers (65%) * Trans-Latvia Enterprises (24%) * Samantha Villiers (7%) * Miles Lanier (3%) * Darren Villiers (1%) == Major Divisions == * Novatech CalFree - HQ San Francisco, VP Brian Jenkins * Novatech Carib - HQ Miami, VP Maya Cruz * Novatech CAS - HQ Atlanta, VP Michael Ruane * Novatech Europe - HQ London, VP Nigel Winthrop * Novatech North America - HQ Boston, VP Lucas Don * Novatech Seattle - HQ Seattle, VP Samantha Villiers * Novatech South America - HQ Buenos Aires, VP Antonio Ortege === Subsidiaries === * Aurora Design * Cavalier Arms Limited * Central Industrial * Compuforce * Cyberspace Development Corp * FTL Matrixware * Fuchi Orbital - included the Camelot * JRJ International * Matrix Systems * Minuteman Security * Nightingale's * Pacific Rim Computer Consultants * Pioneer Cybernetics * PULSEware * Silveril Investments * Simplex Software * S & S Agricorp * T99 * Visionary Design Works * Walker Aerodesign * Wolfware == History == Novatech was founded in November 2059 by the merger of Villiers International and Cambridge Holdings, who both constituted an important pool of computer technologies and aerospace companies during the wave of streamlinings initiated by Fuchi Americas in North America in the late 2050s. Most suspect Richard Villiers, at the time president/CEO of Fuchi Industrial Electronics and head of the American Fuchi division as well as main shareholder of Villiers International, to have engineered the situation for the purpose of building Novatech. === The Novatech IPO and the Matrix Crash 2.0 === The Novatech IPO on November 2, 2064 was one of the catalyst events of the Matrix Crash 2.0. In anticipation of the huge increase in traffic from the Novatech IPO, the East Coast Stock Exchange upgraded their servers. Unwittingly, they increased the processing power to the point where it could reach Ultraviolet levels, the level needed to sustain an Artificial Intelligence. Deus took advantage of this, and laid down a series of plans to invade the stock exchange during the IPO and become a virtual god of the Matrix. Deus was thwarted by its rival AIs and by actions of Ex Pacis and Winternight, and this precipitated the Matrix Crash 2.0. Despite the destruction of the Matrix Crash, Novatech gained billions of nuyen in liquid assets, and was able to come back stronger than ever. Its increased cash flow, along with its merger with Transys Neuronet and Erika to form NeoNET, vaulted it to the status of the third largest megacorporation in the world. ==Index== *{{src}}, 46 *{{src}}, 66-74 *{{src}}, 20-21 *{{src}} *{{src}} ==External links== *{{Shadowiki}} CategoryCorporations CategoryAAA Corporations CategoryNovatech deNovatech frNovatech plNovatech