Night Tears

'''Night Tears''' was the name of Maria Mercurial's first album, released in 2048.  It contained her hit songs, "Who Weeps For The Children" and "Take It To Mister".

== Lyrics ==
=== Take It To Mister ===
Once, long ago, when troubles came your way
You couldn't take them on yourself,
But you knew just what to do,
To find someone who would help,
When they burn out the farm,
Or ravish your sister,
You put your hat in your hand
And take it to Mister,
Take it to Mister

Then, as they will, all these things changed their way.
The ones who guarded you proved false.
The lord, the patron, the grand seigneur,
Helped themselves and no one else.
So they ravished the land
And whored with your sister,
They made you rip out your pride
And take it to Mister

Now, we have learned there is another way.
To face the future for ourselves,
We all know what we must do.
If you want to take back what they stole
Feed the rage in your heart
Till it's ready to blister.
Now put your gun in your hand
=== Who Weeps For The Children === CODA
But tears run down to the ocean,
in rivers that can carve through stone
And in the dawning morning,
we see that we were not alone.

The ones who wept for the future
As they fought to hold back the night
Paid a ransom with their heart's sorrow
And brought back the children for
a golden tomorrow. ==Index== *{{src}} CategoryMusic