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== January 2007 ==
* Non-canon article cleanup begins.

== March 2006 ==
* Upgraded to MediaWiki 1.5.7

== October 2005==
* October 29th Critters section update completed.
* October 26th Overhaul and update of Critters, Sentient Creatures and Metahumanity sections begins.

== October 2004 ==
* integration of Fatcat's http// JIS Project continues
* collaboration with http// begins

== September 2004 ==

* September 27 Initial import of UserWordman's http// The Sixth World A geographic index to the world of Shadowrun completed.
**  People interested in reviewing this integration should examine Geopolitical World and its subpages.
* September 20 Upgrade to MediaWiki 1.3.3

== August 2004 ==

* August 4 SixthWorldWiki created.

CategorySixth World Wiki historical
== Wordman's map ==

From an e-mail conversation with wordman

==== Do you happen to know any inaccuracies in the map so they can be noted? ====

Quite a bit of it is unofficial. The following is pretty much made up

* About 90% of Africa
* All of the Middle East

The rest of it followed a rule that if it wasn't mentioned in an SR 
book, it stayed as modern day.
Wordman's map of Africa

*This image map originally went with the map

Algerian Theocracy
Wit Afrika
Baule Empire
Asante Nation
Pan-African Federation

Submitted and maintained material to

*Ares Macrotechnology
*Foreign Corporate Terminology
*Japanese Imperial State
*Manalines and Power Sites

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I am adding a ton of critter entries... should I format them according to the example you laid out in "Devil Rat"? -Hahnsoo

Somewhat. SixthWorld Wiki tends to follow the Wikipedia guidelines, such as bolding the article subject in the first line, as well as alternate names, etc.. I'd go back and italicize the binominal name, also. In the future, if we get more information about diet, habitat, etc., those should be seperated into at least paragraphs, if not their own sections. --UserYoungFreud 1904, 5 Mar 2005 (EST)