"Tomorrow Runs on NeoNET"
=Boston, UCAS
=Richard Villiers
'''NeoNET''' is a AAA megacorporation headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, UCAS, that was formed from the merger of Transys Neuronet, Erika, and Novatech shortly after the Novatech IPO and Matrix Crash 2.0. 

Primarily responsible for the wireless backbone of the new Matrix throughout the world, the influx of money brought on by the IPO and its lucrative wireless network contracts has allowed it to buy into a diverse group of businesses in almost every industry, including Matrix infrastructure, software, electronics, biotechnology, aerospace and small arms.

== Major Divisions ==
* '''NeoNET Seattle'''
* '''NeoNET TransAsia (NNTA)'''
** Headquarters Neo-Tokyo, Japan
** Overseen by Samantha Villiers, NeoNET Seattle; daily operations by Jennifer Sung
** Assets and products
*** Wireless Matrix infrastructure of Neo-Tokyo
*** Commlinks, wireless devices
*** Professional Augmented Reality tool packages


In 2076, NeoNET was at the centre of mysterious happenings in Boston, such as the appearance of a dragon and, seemingly, various ghosts. As a result, most of the downtown area and Southie was Shadowrun Chronicles Boston Lockdown.

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