NERPS, or '''N'''ew '''E'''xciting '''R'''etail '''P'''roduct'''S''', have been a background part of Shadowrun since early in the first edition sourcebooks. Adverts for NERPS are generally vague, ambiguous, and contradictory as to their exact nature or purpose. They are stand-ins for the latest trendy consumer product to hit the market, only to fade and be rapidly replaced. Real life examples include tamagotchi, pogs, pet rock, cell phone face plates, and kale chips.

== Disclaimer ==
Outside of the Sixth World, NERPS also stands for Net Enhancements for Role-Playing Shadowrun, a series of net.books written for Shadowrun in the mid-90s. This source is non-canon, but represents another meaning of the word related to the Shadowrun RPG.

anecdotal Ever since playtesting with the FASA crew, way-back when they did such on the AOL service, we've referenced it as the Non-Essential Role-Playing Supplies(or Stuff, if you like).

== NERPS Sightings (References) ==
NERPS is referenced throughout the early 1st and 2nd edition as well as 3rd and 4th Shadowrun sourcebooks as a popular consumer product.
* ''SourceCorporate Enclaves'', p 37 (Apparently, Gary Cline is as popular as NERPS)
* ''Reisef├╝hrer in die deutschen Schatten'' p 80 ("Nerps! Jeder Zeit!") - ''German only''
* ''SourceRunner Havens'', p 76 (NERPS is shown next to some kids looking at a portable video gaming system)
* ''SourceShadowbeat'', P 36 ("1 out of every 16,000,000,000 doctors surveyed recommend it!")
* ''SourceSprawl Survival Guide'', p 25 ("Trid Listings HMCNERPS - An inside look at what this miracolous product can do for you, your family and household appliances!")
* ''SourceState of the Art 2063'', p 122 ("NERPS! It's that simple.")
* ''SourceUnwired'', p 115 (Psychotropic programs may have the effect of causing an insatiable urge to eat Nerps)
* ''Seattle'', p 58 (Troubled? Nerps! It's that simple.)
* ''London'', p 44 (Nerps, for endomorphins.)

Shadowrun Hong Kong* ''SourceShadowrun Hong Kong'', "NERPS!" Displayed on entertainment system in Xiaozhi's den.