'''Mujaji''' is a Great Dragons feathered serpent located in or near Table Mountain in Azania. She holds the title of the "Rain Queen". In her metahuman form she is African and she wears a headdress of iridescent feathers and is accompanied by a large lion. She also has a very green agenda and actively protects the lands of Southern Africa from the corporations and tries to keep some form of peace in the chaotic sprawl of Cape Town. She is viewed as a protector of the native Xhosa tribe against their enemies - the Zulus - and therefore she isn't a friend of the Elf Zulu Nation. 

==Relations to other Dragons==
Lofwyr was rumored to issue a challenge to her, via shadowrunners stealing a lion cub (probably in fact a young shapeshifter), but the challenge was rebuffed. Also her green agenda lines up with Hestaby but any friendship is just speculative. Because of her enmity with the Zulu Elves she shares the anti-elven agenda of the great Western Dragons Rhonabwy.

*Dragons of the Sixth World
*Runner Havens, ''Cape Town''