Mob War

The death of James O'Malley"The Hammer" O'Malley created a power vacuum between the criminal syndicates of Seattle in the winter of 2058. In addition to internal conflicts within the mafia, the Triads battled theĀ Yakuza for control of Seattle's docks, the Mafia defended its upscale gambling dens against Yakuza attacks, and the Seoulpa Rings were trying to take over anything that's wasn't nailed down.

In the end, the Commissione picked Maurice Bigio"the Butcher" Bigio as the new Don of Seattle, over Rowena O'Malley. The Mafia bigwigs were forced to step in and make the choice before the newly united Yakuza clans ate up what holdings the mafioso had left. But the yaks had worries of their own now, having claimed independence from the oyabun in Japan.

* '''January 1''' Mafia ''Don'' James O'Malley"The Hammer" O'Malley is assassinated by a Chimera-sniper.
* '''January 4''' O'Malley's funeral is held in Seattle, with all the major Mafia figures of the metroplex in attendance. Hanzo Shotozumi appears with a Yakuza honor guard to pay his respects to his fallen rival and inform the remaining Mafia bosses of Seattle that the Yakuza is not responsible for O'Malley's death. He also delivers a veiled threat implying that the Yakuza plans to retake all the territory it has lost to the Mafia to date.
* '''January 4''' Following her father's funeral, Rowena O'Malley informs the Finnigan family's leaders and advisers that she intends to claim leadership of the Family and of the Seattle Mafia as her father's sole heir. The announcement creates a considerable stir among the Mafiosi gathered at the meeting, but Rowena quickly gains the support of the Finnigan family with the help of her father's consiglieri, Al Cavalieri.
* '''January 5''' Inspired by Don O'Malley's death and the brewing potential for Mob War in Seattle, the first of the Underworld collection of files is posted on Shadowland. Shadowrunners begin to take notice of the Seattle syndicates.
* '''January 5''' Rowena O'Malley delivers word of her intentions to become capa of Seattle to the heads of the other Seattle Families as well as to Don McCaskill and the Commissione. The Inner Circle of the Commissione places responsibility for the Seattle situation in McCaskill's hands.
* '''January 5''' Word goes out among Seattle's gangs that the Yakuza is recruiting gangers as soldiers in its aggressive expansion plan. Some gangs join up; others are wary of the offer.
* '''January 7''' Yakuza soldiers start muscling in on Mafia-run gambling operations and businesses in the metroplex. Sporadic fights break out between the Yaks and Mafia enforcers.
* '''January 8''' An assassination attempt against Rowena O'Malley is narrowly averted. The attempt only strengthens her determination to gain control over the Seattle Mafia and put an end to the conflict.