Mitsuhama Research Unit 13

'''Mitsuhama Research Unit 13''' is one of Mitsuhama's foremost magical security wagemage groups.  They are part of MCT's internal security operations, and serve as a "magical SWAT team" when the corporation's assets are threatened by magical activity.  Unit 13 often uses spot checks of mind probes and control manipulations to "validate" potentially vulnerable employees, and maintains astral overwatch of sensitive MCT research.  They are wholly loyal to MCT, with success being the greatest measure of status.

These initiate magicians have seen it all and act as premier magical research and security forces for MCT. Very few people outside of MCT have seen them in operation, and even fewer have lived to talk about it.

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deMitsuhama Research Unit 13
frUnité de Recherche 13 de Mitsuhama
plMitsuhama Research Unit 13