Mister Fix It (MFI)

"Mister Fix It" is the generic lowest-of-the-low-level fixers and jack of all trades. Mostly he smuggles, works as a fixer and part-time Mr. Johnson.

MFI, as both his friends and enemies call him, (in his enemies case it stands for "Mother Fraggin Idiot") works mostly by dataphone - he's a low level decker, so he'll send the same generic message out to all his contacts, and see who shows up for the meets. Which means that you work with a lot of different people, but there are some real psychos and idiots out there who have his card.

He's the lowest of the low level contacts, but basically, if you don't know who he is, you're not even a poser shadowrunner- and a lot of people stop using him once they get real contacts, but he's started more people in this biz than I care to count.

Oh, but watch him. He uses newbies all the time for a reason. His 10% off the top is usually closer to 80%- and he's not afraid to use your inexperience against you to negotiate himself the best deal possible. Other than that, he's a straight shooter- I've never been double crossed by him, and I haven't heard any stories of other people getting double-crossed by him. In this business, that's got to count for something

-Kid Vid, Decker