ImageMissouri Counties.png• South Missouri, CAS in red
• Missouri, UCAS in yellow '''Missouri''', UCAS was formed after the secession vote resulted in a practical tie. As a result, UCAS and CAS agreed to split Missouri in two. All counties intersecting or to the south of a line drawn from Jasper County to Jefferson County (just south of St. Louis) became the CAS state of South Missouri (with Springfield as its state capital). {{Src}} p. 71 ==References== CategoryStates CategoryStates (North America) CategoryUCAS
==Geographical composition==
The two counties currently indicated on the map in green are physically connected to Maryland, and separated by the Chesapeake Bay from Virginia.  For a variety of practical reasons, it would make the most sense for them to be included as part of North Virginia, but this remains unaddressed in any written Shadowrun material I am aware of.
The original maps of North America were pretty abstract. The detailed map included in both ''Shadows of North America'' and ''Shadowrun Fourth Edition'' appear to put the CAS/UCAS border south of the counties. The similar map in ''Shadowrun Fourth Edition Anniversary Edition'' shows the border north of them, but also leaves North Virginia off completely.
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