Mishiwa Kai-Tang

'''Mishiwa Kai-Tang''' is a girl of at least fourteen years, hailing from Macao in the Canton Confederation.

She started hangin' around with the gangers of the «Chinese Deadly Dwarfs» Chapter in Macao at the age of nine or ten years, and had her personal awakening at the age of 12, when she was pursued by goons of the Portuguese Lusiada Shadowrun corporations on the Pearl River She met her totem Dolphin, which safed her from drowning and taught her the first magic spells. She became a shaman, learnt quickly to sling spells and conjure spirits of water and then was sent to Europe to the Bremen-based AGS-HQ of the gang, to aid them building up new chapters inside the Allied German States. From there she went to the Munich-based chapter of the gang, but she had a lot of arguing with the boss of the Munich «Dwarfs», who couldn't understand her views of Shadowrun magic and wouldn't accept a girl smarter than himself. An astral quest to "rescue" a ball from the Nuernberg zoological garden, which was used there for the dolphin show led to the loss of one of the mundane gangers of the chapter, while two of the others became injured during the operation. The gang leader of the Munich-based chapter grew very angry about that, also she stabilisized and healed her injured chummers with her and Dolphin's magic. So she left Munich soon, and went quickly to Hamburg, were she was perfectly well accepted by the local leader of the gang - Loo. There she has proven herself really worthy for her chummers and the gang, while diving deeper and deeper into the magical arts. With her chummers of the Hamburg-based chapter she moved at least from Hamburg to Denmark after they had lost a turf war against Harburg's most violent street gang, the «Holsten Zombies». After loosing their new home - an abandoned Castle in Denmark - during an corporate air strike, she and the others of her Chinese Deadly Dwarfs chapter were forced to move again. They went to Oslo, the capital of Norway where they were able to carve out a new turf for themselves.   

Also her totem doesn't encourage the criminal ways of gang life she tries to find her way without mocking Dolphin (at least not mocking it too much) as well as doing her best to help her gang chummers with their day-to-day business.

Favourite Quote "Dances with Dolphin!" - especially used if posting shadowtalk into the shadowland matrix BBS.

==Gaming Profile==
'''Name''' Mishiwa Kai-Tang
'''Name of birth''' Mishiwa Kai-Tang
'''Country of origin''' Macao, Canton Confederation, Chinese Splinter States
'''Metatype''' Human
'''Age''' 14 years and 9 month (in 2063)
{="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" . . . ? } '''INIT''' ? '''Dice Pools''' '''Active Skills''' Whichcraft(spell magic)4(6), Conjuring(invocation)3(5), Askenning3, Athletics (swimming)4(6), Diving4,
Brawling underwater(unarmed)1(3), Motor boats(small ones)1(3), Jetski(Bombardier Waverunner)2(4), Biotech(first aid)1(3),
Etiquette(Chinese gangs)3(5) '''Knowledge Skills''' Magical theory3, Spell creation4, Paranormal animals(Sea/Water)3(5), Gang Identification(Northern AGS)2(4),
Modern Piracy(Northern Sea)2(4), Nautical Skill2, Small Boats2, Macao2, corporate politics(Lusiada)1(3)
'''Language Skills'''GermanR/W42 Chinese(Macao)R/W2,51 PortugueseR/W1-
'''Spells''' Water bolt, Water wave aka Mini Tzunami, Change pressure (of Water), Create Water, Oxygene mask, Healing, Stabilisizing, Anti-Toxin '''On Person Gear''' Knife, large, air-filled ball (re-usable focus), normal clothing in the «Chinese Deadly Dwarfs» colors (merely green), „Mitsuhama Musix Man 2059TM“ chip-player, some plastic jewellery shaped in the form of little Dolphins '''Stored Gear''' Harpoon gun with 5 Bolts, neoprene diving suit with diving goggles, re-breather, two oxygene cylinders and a pair of turquoise plastic flippers, some bathing-suits, 10 different music-chips with whale songs, meditative music, Trance, Ambience, Canton Pop and traditional Chinese music including peking operas. '''Personal Vehicle - Type''' Bombardier Waverunner - jetski {="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" /45 .200 ¥ (in Seattle) } ==External links== * {{Shadowiki}} DeMishiwa Kai-Tang CategoryGangers CategoryHumans CategoryMagic users CategoryShamans CategoryChinese people CategoryPeople in Germany Category People in Scandinavian Union