Minotaur, Wild

''Picture from Paranormal Animals of Europe''
The '''Wild Minotaur''' (''Aurochs atrox'') appears to be a hybrid between a large ox and a primate. It is theorized that the Wild Minotaur is actually the Awakened form of the auroch (''Bison bonasus''), believed to be extinct (in the Shadowrun universe, the last known specimen died in Poland in 1627 - see talk).

The minotaur is a nocturnal carnivore that attacks and eats goats, sheep, deer, and similar-sized mammals. However, it seems to prefer to eat metahuman flesh (specifically humans and not other metatypes in particular). Minotaurs favor caves and abandoned excavations such as military bunkers. The most puzzling mystery of minotaurs is the lack of females, and every parabiological institution in existence maintains a large standing bounty on the delivery of a female minotaur, alive or dead. There is some dispute as to the relationship of the Mediterranean troll metatype Minotaurs and the parabiological Wild Minotaur.

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