Mimic Snake

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''Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America''
The '''Mimic Snake''' (''Serpentes fistulae'') is an Awakened variant of the common boa constrictor (''Constrictor constrictor''). It grows up to 4 meters long, and typically has green and black markings, very much resembling its progenitor.  
The mimic snake is a carnivorous predator that eats a variety of woodland creatures (especially the wild turkey). Like the boa constrictor, it wraps itself around the victim, suffocating it. It swallows its prey whole, and can unhinge its jaws to do so. Remarkably, it has the ability to mimic a variety of sounds, and often uses its mimicry ability to attract prey.  

The mimic snake lives in woodland areas of the North American east coast, although sightings of the mimic snake have been reported throughout North America. The transplanted population (North America is probably not its native habitat) is probably due to escaped lab animals or former pets.

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