Miles Lanier

'''Miles Lanier''' (pronounced "Luh-neer") is the head of Corporate Security for Novatech (as well as personal security for Novatech executives) and was the former head of Fuchi Internal Security. He is considered by many to be one of the best in the business and the right-hand man of Richard Villiers. He is in his mid-forties (as of 2060), but he has a youthful appearance that gives him the look of someone in his thirties. He's taller than average, with a slight build and chestnut hair. He has dark brown eyes, and he never seems to blink. He has a cold and harsh personality, rarely smiling or laughing, and he is known to be a keen observer.

Miles Lanier was a former sniper for the UCAS Army. He brought his natural intelligence and attention to detail to the corporate world when he joined Fuchi's corporate ranks. He became the head of Fuchi Internal Security through sheer talent, and is credited with some of the most secure corporate security schemes during his tenure in that position. Richard Villiers and Miles Lanier became close friends.

Lanier's career took a sharp and unexpected turn through the influence of Dunkelzahn's Will in 2057. He was given enough Renraku shares to grant him a board seat. According to popular rumors, he began packing his office the day that the will was read to the public, and Lanier and Villiers had an explosive and public argument over his decision, ending in the two renouncing their friendship. Lanier left Fuchi, and Fuchi immediately began changing its security to defend against the man who designed it.

Lanier proved to be a capable inside informer, and showed Renraku many backdoors into Fuchi security. He provided information for Renraku to claim many Fuchi subsidiaries, allowing Renraku to overtake its greatest competitor in computer technology. While he was on the board of directors for Renraku, Fuchi attempted to assassinate Lanier on multiple occasions, almost succeeding more than once.

In mid-2059, Fuchi called an emergency meeting of the Corporate Court. The Zurich-Orbital and the Corporate Court remained silent on the Matrix for eighteen hours, and finally rendered a decision that Lanier should be turned over to Fuchi security for allegations that he provided inside information to attack and take over Fuchi subsidiaries. Miles Lanier resigned from the board of directors and sold his Renraku stock at below market price to the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank. This had the effect of toppling Renraku's stock, while simultaneously putting leverage on Renraku from the ZOG Bank.

These actions were believed to be an elaborate scam played out by Villiers and Lanier against Renraku. This was later confirmed when Villiers announced the formation of Novatech, and promoted Lanier back to his old position of Corporate and Personal Security for the newly-formed corporation.

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