Midori Kanematsu

'''Midori Kanematsu''' is a trustee on the board of the Draco Foundation, and is an enigmatic woman who owns a diversified stock portfolio. She has stock in various interests, such as aerospace tech, techno-magical research, biomedics, doll-making, and none of it is in major megacorporations. Her past is a complete blank, although she appears to be a Japanese woman in her 30s, and she has an extensive clothes closet, ranging from business attire to neospandex to traditional Japanese garb, all in high fashion. She is rumored to be everything from a spirit to a fox shapeshifter to a powerful mage or adept. She has been seen with Buttercup in Tokyo before Yamatetsu moved to Vladivostok, and the pair have been seen together in Japan and Seattle since.

Ms. Kanematsu was a valuable manager in helping to take care of the Draco Foundation's finances and assets in her role as trustee. However, she and Acting Chair Aina Dupree also used covert operatives ousted from the current Japanese Imperial StateNadja Daviar apparently disapproved of upon learning of them when she returned.

On August 1, 2073, during the first meeting of the Draco Foundation board of trustees following Nadja Daviar's return and Aina Dupree's death in DeeCee, the board accepted Kanematsu's resignation from that body along with fellow trustee Manuel Torres.

Subsequent discussions about the foundation on JackPoint suggested that Kanematsu was forced off the board and is an enemy of Daviar's who was considered to be a potential ally of Hestaby's during her dispute with Daviar during the Dragon Civil War. It was also revealed that Kanematsu's own fortune and business activities were attacked around the same time as her resignation from the foundation's board of trustees.

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