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== References ==

* Shadows of Asia, pp. 93-120

* Germany Sourcebook, p.27

* With Year of the Comet, WizKids have broken a long silence regarding the Middle East in Shadowrun. About the only mention that can be previous to that is that Lofwyr bought up military surplus from "the Islamic Countries" (cd.83). Mention is also made of a Shadowland node in Kuwait (tm.27).

* Year of the Comet, however, provides information on a leader named Ibn Eisa. Based on the history given for him, there has been Second Ottoman Jihad after 2016 (probably late 2030's), which failed. Sometime after this was a second Iran-Iraq. Nation of Arabia formed from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, United Arab Emerates, Qatar and Bahrain (yotc.53).

* A rumor suggests that Saeder-Krupp has a secret space launch facility in some Islamic state (yotc.15).

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