South Florida
== JackBNimble ==

Perhaps this file *IS* a communication from another world, namely the Resonance Realms. --UserGruegirl 2129, 6 April 2009 (EDT)

== Dragon bones ==

The maps to which I linked the coordinates differ in some instances with http// Ancient History's annotations. Even where they don't, Google Maps offers much more specific locations.

'''41°, 121°'''
Ancient "Offshore of Seattle"
Google Maps On land, southwest of Jinzhou, China. '''41°50n, 87°45w''' Ancient "North America, near Chicago"
Google Maps 3235-3299 S 50th Ct., Cicero, Ill., in a residential area just north of Sportsman's Park Race Track. '''47°21n, 122°12w''' Ancient "Near Seattle; maybe in the Salish Shide or Tir Tairngire"
Google Maps 10500-10604 SE 281st St., Kent, Wash., about 20-30 miles SSE of downtown Seattle. '''19°24n, 99°9w''' Ancient "The Western Mountains of the Mexican Plateau"
Google Maps Parque Las Americas, currently a tree-covered strip of a park in the Mexico City/Tenochtitlán sprawl. '''65°, 130°''' Ancient "Somewhere in the Algonkian-Manitou Council."
Google Maps Wilderness, about 170 miles north of Yakutsk, Russia. '''39°44n, 104°59w''' Ancient "Somewhere in the NAN, southern Rocky Mountains-meets-desert region. Nevada or Arizona maybe."
Google Maps 1066 Grant St., Denver, Colo. Appears to be the parking lot for the Burnsley All-Suite Hotel, not far from the geographical center of the city. --UserOboreruhito 0204, 2 August 2009 (EDT) -----Don't tell me this is an early version of geocaching.. --Plague