=Nuyen (¥)

Formed as a sovereign state in 2038 following the collapse if the Italian Repulic.

What little central government there is born out of shared necessity rather than choice or national unity.

Climates changes in the Adriatic caused by the Erebrus storm have improved local soil quality and the east coast  is now seeing some lush growth.

Mezzogiorno is one of the poorest parts of the Confederation. Poor soil, little industry and practically no interest from the outside world has led to a poor local economy.

===Corporate Presence===
Shiawase Envirotech, Olgitechnologies and Aztechnology - through Lider - have facilities and operations in Mezzogiorno. 

Naples is the Confederations second largest city, with a thriving seaport. {{src}} p.104


The Camorra run the underworld in Mezzogiorno along with most of the state itself. {{src}} p.105


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