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''Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America''
The '''Mermaid''' (''Merhomo illecebrae''), a marine mammal, resembles a strange cross between a sea lion and metahumanity. Although its lower body and face resembles a sea lion's typical sleek grey coloring, its upper torso is a pale pink with humanoid-like forelimbs ending in four rending claws, very pronounced mammae and a wild mane of long dark hair from its head.

Although mainly a predator of fish and small mollusks, there have been reported cases where the mermaid has attacked swimmers in the waters, pulling them underwater to drown so they may feed later. Even though they are somewhat related to Merrow, no sentient behavior has been recorded in this cunning creature.

===Related Species===
The '''Mami Wata''' are West African subspecies of mermaids that have been domesticated by pirates in the surrounding area. Through selective breeding, the Mami Wata are slightly faster and smarter than normal mermaids.

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