Mealla Oakforest

'''Mealla Oakforest''' née Del Marco, is the Sixth World wife of Aithne Oakforest, and Tir Tairngire subject of Noble rank. She seems to have no idea how old her husband is or why he has an aversion to thorns (see Alachia). She has three children a son Glasgian Oakforest, born in 2030, and two daughters Tealla Oakforest, born in 2033 and Elleara Oakforest, born in 2038. One of her children, Glaskian, disappeared under mysterious circumstances leading to this bequest in Dunkelzahn's Will

"To Mealla Del Marco, I grant the custody of Morgan Leroy Hall until he reaches his majority at the age of eighteen, on the condition that he is to be raised and schooled in the United Canadian American States. If this condition cannot be met, his custody shall return to Kara Lazear. I trust that you will care for him in a fitting manner, and perhaps you shall in return get the son you deserve."

This bequest is notable for two reasons 1) the child is to be schooled outside of the Tir and 2) Dunkelzahn used Ms. Oakforest's maiden name.

In the 2060s the Oakforests maintained separate residences. It is unknown if they still do.

*Never Trust an Elf

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