Maria Mercurial

Maria Mercurial is a rocker star who became famous for her hit song "Who Weeps For The Children" in 2048, which became the number one single on the charts for two months and followed by her next hit song "Take It To Mister". In 2049, she released "Puta" and became a novahot rocker star, the stuff of music legends. Her other album (presumably the one with "Who Weeps For The Children" and "Take It To Mister" released as a set) is called "Night Tears". Her talents include singing, playing synth, and acoustic guitar. She typically performs solo, although she has been known to join gatherings of other musicians and play in jam sessions with such luminaries as Warren Cartwright of Concrete Dreams. She is noted to have silver skin (the result of custom dermal sheathing), and speaks fluent English and Aztlaner.

She was in her mid-20s in the year 2050, which would place her birth date around 2025 to 2030. She was the bodyguard, secretary, and mistress to Reynaldo Texamachach, a senior exec at Aztechnology who had state of the art cyberware installed into her body and addicted her to BTL chips to control her. She rebelled and killed Texamachach in 2045 during a trip to Seattle, and then escaped to the Barrens, working as a prostitute to supply her chip habit. She was picked up by a music promoter named Armando Hernandez, who rescued her from the Barrens, cleaned up her act, and promoted her on the rocker circuit. In 2050, after a bizarre series of events where she was slated to switch to Max Foley, she and Armando Hernandez were married in a simple ceremony. In 2057, she received this bequest from Dunkelzahn's Will
"To Maria Mercurial, I leave my collection of vintage jazz and blues albums. May they bring you as much enjoyment as your music has always brought me."

Also in Dunkelzahn's Will

"To any person who possesses a ticket stub to Maria Mercurial’s only foray into country music, performed at My Brother’s Place in the Nashville sprawl present yourself to the Draco Foundation at any time, and the Foundation will grant you one wish. I believe the saying is, be careful what you wish for—you may well get it."

Her addiction to BTLs has caused her psyche to fragment into a condition resembling multiple-personality disorder. Through therapy, she has mostly recovered, although the specter of her addiction partially fuels the kind of music she plays.

She has played live in the Weekday Eclipse, the music club in Denver managed by the dragon Perianwyr.

A http// user-generated content (UGC) module for ''Dragonfall Director's Cut'' and ''Shadowrun Hong Kong'' has been developed by the modding community ''Shadowrun Identity'' which is based on the original paperback module ''Mercurial'' which was intially published by FASA in 1989.

== Discography ==
* 2048 - Night Tears
* 2049 - Puta

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