Mandalay Bay

* 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South
* Luxury Hotel/Casino 3200 rooms.

== Description ==
It's an exotic, South Seas getaway. It's luxury without pretense. It's extravagance at a value. It's '''Mandalay Bay'''. 
With its lush, tropical decor and commitment to superlative service, Mandalay Bay provides guests with dining, gaming, and entertainment options galore. The hotel's more than 3,200 rooms and suites each offer a king or two double beds and can accommodate up to four guests. The average Deluxe room measures 500 square feet, with suites up to 6,670 square feet. The Mandalay Bay casino is a 135,000-sq.-ft. gaming area that invites you to play amidst flowing water, lush foliage, and exotic architecture. Brimming with amenities, rooms at Mandalay Bay are spacious and indulgent, the perfect balance of opulence and comfort. A short distance away you will find the Four Seasons Las Vegas - an even more luxury but non casino hotel. ''»People, especially the upper echolon of the corporate crowd, who stay at Four Seasons often come here to gamble and get entertained...«''
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