Manalines and Power Sites

'''Manalines''' and '''Power Sites''' are areas so saturated with magic that magical energy becomes more potent and easier to manipulate. ''Manalines'' are conduits of mystical power, crisscrossing the globe while connecting to ''power sites'', spots of concentrated magical energy. Manalines are typically referred by different names in many cultures, such as ley lines in Europe, feng-lung in China, songlines, and dreampaths.

The intensity of manalines and power sites has been known to ebb over time. Much like areas with high background count, dramatic situations, natural events, and human habitation can also reduce or increase the potency of a manaline or a power site. Manalines and power sites can also be warped by environmental damage and become toxic.

==Known Manalines and Power Sites==
Many manalines and power sites identified before and during the twentieth century continue to exist, while some have been destroyed by unharmonious construction and emotional and mental pollution. Others have drifted from their positions mapped prior to 2011, while some power sites have spontaneously appeared after the December 24, 2011. Some of the early mapped manalines are easily identified by the megalith structures such as Stonehenge or the statues of Easter Island. 

In 1988, the http// Geo Group mapped out the ley lines of the city of Seattle as part of a public art project, the first publicly funded project involving geomancy North America. While the map contained some inaccuracies and did not record the potency of the manalines, the map could still be used to ascertain the position of a majority of power sites and manalines. Sometime in the 2020s, the Seattle ley line project map was classified by the UCAS government, and it is believed that the map has been shared to various megacorporations.

In Asia, many cities founded in antiquity were built using geomantic techniques such as feng-shui. City of Kyoto, the current capital of the JIS, sits on a nexus of manalines, and is connected to the city of Tokyo by a major mana pipeline. There has been concern that the growth of the Osaka-Kyoto-Kobe sprawl to the south could disrupt and endanger the potency of the Kyoto manalines and power sites.

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