'''Magicknet''' (or '''MagickNet''') is an online BBS that deals solely with topics pertaining with Magic, including academic discourse, research and development, and reference material. It is one of the longest-lived BBSes on the Matrix, tracing its roots back even before the Awakening during the 1980s. There are really two different Magicknets in the Sixth World, the privately-owned PLTG that is run by the United Talismonger Association and the Magick Undernet, which is probably of more use to the usual Shadowrunner.

== Magicknet Services ==
Magicknet offers a gamut of services ranging from their huge library of reference texts and published journals, to their “virtual zoo” of just about every Paracritter known to metahumanity. The iconography is very simple, using a white-void for most of its nodes, keeping it simple for the majority of Awakened users who would be using tortoises or trodes. The sysops and deckers of Magicknet typically use black robed mystics with staves and hidden faces for their icons. There are several “licensed” talismongers that provide goods online at reasonable prices. Some of the hosts even provide some magic/fantasy-related environments for gaming. Of note, there is an ongoing project to try to map the metaplanes here. Magicknet also provides hard-copy services for those technophobes who do not like to use electronic interfaces.

== Magick Undernet ==
To access the Magick Undernet, you are typically greeted by a chokepoint node sculpted in the same white-void style as the legit Magicknet. In the chokepoint, you will be faced by the Decker on the Threshold (similar to the Dweller on the Threshold found in many astral quests). It will demand knowledge or nuyen depending on the services you wish to access, with grave consequences for those that fail to give the right “response.” Here, you will find shadow newsboards (similar to Shadowland BBS), pirated spell formulae, rare texts that aren’t in the main services, rundowns on corporate activity and assets, and even “under the table” magic goods for sale (Power Foci that “fell off the back of the truck”).

Magicknet existed as far back as 2055, and has still been operating as of the early 2070s.

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