Magic is possibly the key difference between The Fifth World and The Sixth World. The return of magic to the world was called the Awakening, and those who were affected directly by magic are called the Awakened. The Awakening is generally believed to have occurred in the year 2011.

"Magician" generally refers to a magically active practitioner of any Magical Tradition.

== Magical Traditions ==

* Druids
* Hermetic Magic
** Chaos Magic
* Path of the Wheel
* Shamanic Magic
** Insect Shaman
* Toxic Variants
* Voodoun
* Wujen

== Glossary ==
* The Astral See Astral Space
* Astral Perception
* Astral Projection
* Astral Plane See Astral Space
* Astral Space
* Changeling A metahuman or other creature affected by SURGE
* Fluorescing Astral Bacteria (FAB) An artificially engineered bacteria that exists in the Astral.
* Goblinization
* Magic An unexplained force that has returned to The Sixth World.
* Manalines and Power Sites
* Metamagic
* Metaplane
* Orichalcum
* Sudden Unexplained Recessive Genetic Expression (SURGE)
* Unexplained Genetic Expression (UGE)

== See Also ==

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