Magic Schools

There are many ways for magicians to learn thaumaturgy (the practice of magic) in the Sixth World, but the most familiar and common method is to study at the academy, a method preferred and encouraged by the largest and most powerful sponsors of magical research and use (corporations, governments, magical orders). Since the Awakening, colleges and universities around the world have opened their own thaumaturgical studies departments. 

The number of magic schools has increased tremendously since UCLA established the first Department of Occult Studies (now the Department of Thaumaturgy) in 2025 and granted the first Th.D in 2028. Many colleges and universities, especially in North America, have since established undergraduate departments of thaumaturgy, although most graduate programs are still limited to the major schools that first opened their doors. 

In the last two decades, community and technical colleges have opened their own thaumaturgy departments to assist in the training of practical magic skills for non-affiliated magicians and for mundanes eager to learn more about the science and art of magic in the Sixth World. This has lead the AAAT to recognize and accredit programs conferring associate degrees.

The UCLA, Los Angeles (UCLA) was the first university in the world to open a thaumaturgical studies program and was the first program to offer a Doctorate of Thaumaturgy (Th.D), the universally recognized terminal academic degree in the field. While UCLA is still a preeminent institution, many other universities have since become recognized in the field for their rigor and the scope and depth of contributions to practical and theoretical thaumaturgy.

=== Traditions ===
Most academic programs were founded upon on the Hermetic Tradition, which has since fragmented into a number of distinct traditions but which all focus on a logical, research-based approach to the study and practice of magic. This was a founding influence, and many of the first and most influential schools and departments were founded within the science and technology divisions and by institutions with a strong technical and scientific focus; the most notable of which is MIT&T in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The most notable exception to the domination of Hermetics within the academy has long been Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Algonkian-Manitou Council. Lakehead's program is based around traditional Native American Shamanic Magic practices and teachings to impart practical and academic knowledge of thaumaturgy. Additionally, Emory University near Atlanta offered a minor certificate in Shamanic Magic Studies in the early decades since the Awakening.

While North American schools are deeply entrenched in the Hermetic and Hermetic-leaning tradition, Europe has become more important as universities there have liberalized and opened their research and practical studies more towards acceptance of creative and intuitive thaumaturgy alongside the scholarly approach of Hermeticism. The leading institution in this case is Charles University in Prague, which is considered to be the "home" of Unified Magical Theory and its most well-known advocate and teacher, the Great dragons Schwartzkopf. Another distinguished exception is the Oxford University Royal College of Magicians, which is dominated by the Druidic tradition and is considered the scholastic "home" of the New Druidic Movement.

== Accreditation ==
The AAAT(AAAT) is responsible for granting accreditation to magical schools, departments, and programs across North America. The AAAT has also set the standard for recognition of magical studies degrees conferred by institutes of higher education in North America.

=== Degrees Conferred ===
The following degrees may be conferred by magic schools accredited by the AAAT. The AAAT has only in the last decade begun accreditation degree programs in Arts as well as Science, with the exception of B.A. and M.A. programs from the earliest magic schools (e.g. Georgetown). Depending on the institution, the degree may be conferred for a specifically-recognized field of study or generally in Thaumaturgy. This is also an effect of culture, since different universities established schools before the AAAT established a clear academic standard. For example, UCLA established the first magic school as the Department of Occult Studies before renaming it to the Department of Thaumaturgy. The Jesuit colleges and universities were among the vanguard, notably opening the Georgetown University Department of Occult Studies following the Roman Catholic's about face on magic with Pope John XXV's ''Imago Dei''. Georgetown kept the name, reflecting its Roman Catholic as well as its scholastic foundations, and grants B.A. and M.A. degrees in Occult Studies regardless of the graduate's specific field of study.
* Associate of Applied Science (A.S.)
* Associate of Science (A.S.)
* Associate of Art (A.A.)
* Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
* Bachelor of Art (B.A.)
* Master of Arts (M.A.)
* Master of Magic (M.M.)
* Doctor of Thaumaturgy (Th.D.)

=== Accredited Fields of Study ===
* Applied Thaumaturgy 
* Arcanoarchaeology
* Artificing
* Astral Studies
* Attunement
* Centering
* Cleansing
* Divination
* Feng Shui
* Forensic Magic
* Geomancy
* Metaphysics
* Metaplanar Studies
* Occult Studies
* Practical Conjuration
* Psychometry
* Somatics
* Shamanistic Studies
* Talismongering
* Theoretical Magic

== Notable Institutions ==

=== Africa ===

==== Asamando ====
* University of Asamando (Nyamkopon)

==== Egypt ====
* Al-Azhar Islamic University (Cairo)

==== Nigeria ====
* Lagos University (Lagos)
* University of Nigeria (Ife)

=== Asia ===

==== Arabian Caliphate ====
* Islamic University of Cordoba-Dubai (Dubai)
* Prince Sultan University (Riyadh)

==== Hong Kong ====
* Hong Kong University

==== Indian Union ====
* Calcutta University (Calcutta)

==== Istanbul ====
* New Islamic University

==== Japan ====
* Tokyo University (Neo-Tokyo)

==== Mongolia ====
* University of Urga (Urga)

=== Australia, New Zealand, Oceana ===

==== Australia ====
* Charles Darwin University (Darwin)

==== Hawai'i ====
* University of Hawaii (Honolulu)

==== New Zealand ====
* University of Auckland (Auckland)

=== Europe ===

==== AGS ====
* Erfurt University (Erfurt)
* Jena University (Jena)
* Karlsruhe University (Karlsruhe)
* Langenzell Institute for Thaumaturgical Studies (Bavaria)
* University of Cologne (Cologne)
* University of Heidelberg/Heidelberger University (Heidelberg)

==== Austria ====
* University of Vienna (Vienna)

==== Brussels, EC ====
* European Academy of Alchemy

==== Czech Republic ====
* Charles University/University of Prague (Prague)

==== France ====
* Cannes Institute (Cannes)
* Sorbonne University (Paris)
* University of Lyon (Lyon)

==== Greece ====
* University of Athens (Athens)

==== Italian Confederation ====
* Ca'Foscari University of Venice (Venice, Serenissima)
* St. Eugenio Seminary (Rome, Papal States)

==== Scandinavian Union ====
* Stockholm University (Stockholm)
* Uppsala University (Uppsala)
* University of Oslo (Oslo)

==== Spain ====
* Complutense University of Madrid (Madrid)
* Islamic University of Cordoba (Cordoba)
* Loyola University Sevilla (Sevilla)

==== Tír na nÓg ====
* University College Dublin (Dublin)
* University of Galway (Galway)

==== United Kingdom ====
* Cambridge University (Cambridge)
* Oxford Royal College of Magicians (Oxford)
* University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh)

=== North America ===

==== Aztlan ====
* San Diego State University (San Diego)
* University of Azatlán (Tenochtitlán)

==== CAS ====
*Duke University (Durham, NC)
* Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA)
* Loyola University New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)
* Texas A&M&M (College Station, TX)
* Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN)

* '''Georgia'''
* Emory University (Decatur)
* Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta)
* University of Atlanta (Atlanta)

==== CFS ====
* People's University of Berkeley (Berkeley, CFS)

==== NAN ====
*Lakehead University (Thunder Bay, AMC)
*University of Cheyenne (Cheyenne, Sioux Nation)

* '''Pueblo Corporate Council'''
*California Institute of Technology (Pasadena)
*Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles)
* University of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
* University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Las Vegas)
* University of Southern California (Los Angeles) (''Defunct'')

==== Québec ====
* L’Institut Thaumaturgique de Québec (Québec City)
* McGill University (Montreal)
* Université Laval (Québec City)

==== UCAS ====
* Booth University College (Winnipeg, MB)
*Columbia University (Manhattan)
*Georgetown University (Washington, FDC)
* Loyola University Chicago (Chicago, IL)
* Loyola University Maryland (Baltimore, MD)
* University of Chicago (Chicago, IL)
* University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)
* University of Missouri-St. Louis (St. Louis, MO)
* University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, WI)

* '''Massachusetts'''
* Boston University (Boston) (''Under Quarantine'')
*Harvard University (Cambridge) (''Under Quarantine'')
* Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Magic (Cambridge) (''Under Quarantine'')
* Northeastern University (Boston) (''Under Quarantine'')

* '''Seattle'''
* Pacific University
* Seattle University
* University of Washington

==== Tír Tairngire ====
* University of Tír Tairngire (Eugene/Serentaneyo)

=== South America ===

==== Amazonia ====
* University of São Paulo (Metropole, Amazonia)

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*Dirty Tricks
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